About the Head of Finance position

We are looking for a skilled Head of Finance who will be responsible for all financial aspects of our business and will manage the company’s financial strategy and planning. You will also assess the company's financial performance as well as possible risks and investments.

A successful candidate should be a reliable professional with broad knowledge of all accounting, financial and business principles. You should also be a strategic thinker and effective leader who can make most profitable decisions.

Head of Finance responsibilities are:

  • Analyze company's performance and risks and perform the financial planning based on the analysis results

  • Develop, monitor, and analyze company KPIs across multiple business units

  • Manage the company’s finance systems

  • Monitor company’s financial position and develop measures to prevent problems

  • Supervise all audit and internal control operations

  • Create financial forecasts and present them to company's executives and board

  • Build relationships with company's partners and investors

  • Organize the corporate fundraising strategy

  • Create detailed reports on company's financial performance, on a quarterly and annual basis

  • Make sure that company's financial operations are in compliance with financial laws and guidelines

Head of Finance requirements are:

  • 3+ years' experience of working as a Director of Finance or other similar position

  • Experience of managing corporate finance and accounting principles

  • Solid experience with financial analysis and forecasting

  • Familiarity with high-growth startups

  • Excellent knowledge of financial laws and best practices

  • Strong analytical, strategic, organizational and leadership skills

  • Good practical experience with of MS Office and financial management software

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities

  • BSc or BA degree in accounting, finance or relevant field; MSc or MA will be a bonus, as well as CPA or other relevant certification